Goosnargh corn-fed chickens were the first poultry produced by Johnson & Swarbrick in the 80’s. Grown at a slower, natural rate to 8 weeks giving them a deep intense flavour once cooked.


J&S ducks are fed on natural, high-quality rations with no added antibiotics. The birds are reared in large airy barns and are bedded with fresh straw daily. The Pekin breed grows to around 2.60k in weight and are part of the Red Tractor Scheme. The J&S ducks, for the meantime, are in place of our more well-known Goosnargh ducks as we have taken the difficult decision to stop rearing ducking on the farm for the coming months to carry out maintenance and rest the sheds. This is in order to maintain our high standards of quality and welfare.


Our beautifully cared for turkeys are reared slowly to give a great taste. We are passionate about the nations favourite Christmas bird as we are with all our poultry, the motto is never more true that ‘A happy bird is a tasty bird’. We have both corn-fed and luxury bronze turkeys which are housed in the large, daily straw filled barns giving plenty of space to run free.


Geese are the Christmas favourite at Swainson House. Reg once commented they’re comical, very clever characters and community minded. They are big, floppy creatures which you have to nurse. This understanding and empathy with the bird allows us to nurture their needs properly. The ultimate Christmas bird, they’re lovely and luscious, with a gorgeous texture and so easy to cook. The fat makes the most amazing roasties too, covering the most important part of the meal.

Seasonal Game

Products such as pheasant, grouse, partridge and mallard are available from our local estate seasonal shoots.

Other products

As well as our own home grown poultry we offer a huge variety of locally sourced produce. From speciality cheeses, to award winning black pudding, to estate reared venison and game. We have eggs in all shapes and sizes, and even stock the Spanish favourite chorizo!  Our smoked products are highly acclaimed, and our game pie mix is a favourite!